How To Remove All Open Cart Countries Except Your Country

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    To Remove all open cart Countries Except Your Country ,you first need to know the Id code of your particular country .

    If you try to remove a country , it will pop up and say “Caution: This country can not be deleted as it is currently assigned to zones!”

    Therefore to remove all they countries listed, you will need to do it by MySQL. Which in this case you’ll need complete access to you host panel to execute this code.This will remove all the open cart countries in 5 secs.Its much better than doing it manually,Obviously

    How To Find The Id Code Of Your Country,Open Cart
    Please Navigate Your way to


    Hover over Your Country’s Edit Link , as shown in the picture below


    The Id For United States Of America is id=223 .This can be done to all apply countries , follow the same procedure to find the Id code of any country within your open cart installation..Hover over the Edit Link, The Destination Url Will Appear at the bottom of the window, illustration the full URL, and the id for that country

    Now the you know your Id code for you country, what you need now is the Code to be executed within MySql Of you myphpadmin back office

    This is the code you will be using within your Mymphpadmin-Mysql

    delete from country where country_id <> 223;
    delete from zone where country_id <> 223;

    As shown in the picture below, Login to your desired database .Navigate SQL .paste and run the code that is shown above. Here you can remove all countries and only allow USA, Costa Rica, UK, Canada etc
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    I tried this since we only ship to the US and I get error messages that "country" is not found in my database. I am just setting up the shop and have not completed a lot.

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