How To Perform A Factory Reset On LG G4?

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    No matter how powerful LG G4 is and no matter how satisfied you are with the device, after using it for a while, you may experience some issues with it. Sometimes the problem will be the Wi-Fi connection, or corrupted data, apps you have installed, or else. In most cases, when you have a problem with your LG G4 the usual workarounds for that particular problem will solve it with ease. However, if the simple workarounds don’t fix the problem, you can turn to factory data reset which can fix almost every issue. Here we are going to show you how to perform a factory reset on LG G4.

    Before you begin, you need to keep in mind that factory data reset deletes all the files on your phone, such as your documents, photos, messages, personal settings, apps you have installed, etc.

    Even though you can use your Google Account to restore your data, make sure to backup your files anyway.

    One more thing before we continue with the guide on how to perform a factory reset on LG G4, charge your device!

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    How to perform a factory reset on LG G4

    Follow the steps listed below:

    • Go to Apps and tap Settings. Next, tap Personal > Backup and Reset. Here you need to check the boxes located next to Back Up My Data and Automatic Restore.
    • Now tap Factory Data Reset
    • The warning message will pop up on the screen
    • The option Erase SD card should be unchecked
    • Tap Reset Phone > Next > Delete All and click Ok.
    Factory Data Reset will start, and it usually takes a couple of minutes.

    When this is done, you can restore your data with ease. To do that, go to Apps, click Settings > Backup & Reset and choose Restore From Backup.
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