How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 6 By Evasi0n (Mac Users)?

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    To jailbreak your iPhone you will need a lot of patience and have to know that it is a risky process that can put your iPhone in jeopardy. For one your smartphone will be exposed to unauthorized iPhone apps. Secondly, your phone’s security will be very insecure and that usually results in viruses entering your iPhone. But, if you still want to jailbreak your iPhone, go for the software ‘evasi0n’. It works with all types of iPhones. Read below for a detailed description of how to jailbreak your iPhone with ‘evasi0n’: This solution is for mac users to jailbreak their IPhone 6

    How To Jailbreak Your iPhone 6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)

    • For starters you should know that your gadget should be running on iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0.2, iOS 6.0.1 or so as ‘evasi0n’ can work.
    • This software doesn’t work on Apple gadgets.
    • If your phone isn’t running on iOS 6.x you’ll have to update your iPhone so as to jailbreak it.
    • So as you can stay on the safe side, prepare a backup of your phone’s data so as if anything goes wrong you can have your phone’s data ready.
    1. Firstly you are going to download the ‘evasi0n’ software for Mac and extract it.
    2. After downloading it and evasi0n is in your phone directory; double click on it so as it can start running.
    3. If you have put password on your phone, you will have to remove it. To unlock your device you should go to Settings > General > Password/Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode Off.
    4. Next you connect your iDevice to your computer. An iDevice is simply any device that runs on iOS 6.x but not Apple TV gadgets.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    5. Once you connect your iDevice with your PC, the evasi0n software will recognize your iPhone. Your iPhone will not be detected if your iOS version is lower than average. After the detection of your iPhone the ‘jailbreak’ option can be accessible.
    6. Click on the ‘jailbreak’ button and it will start processing.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    7. During the jailbreak process, many automatic procedures occur. For instance, restarting of your device, uploading of the Cydia package (it is the store with the unauthorized apps) and injecting of the jailbreak data. This might take over 5-6 minutes so be a little patient.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    8. After all the mentioned steps in point 7 are completed, a screen will pop saying unlock your device.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    Once you unlock your iPhone, the Jailbreak app will appear on your home screen.

    How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    1. A lot more involuntary procedures will take place like root file systems successfully remounted by evasi0n software.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    2. After this software has completed all the necessary formulas, there will appear a “Done” message. Now, your phone will reboot. Not once but quite a lot of times. Just like the first reboot session, this one will also take quite a while.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)
    3. The iDevice you used will now be showing you a big ‘Evasi0n’ sign on a white background. Then a series of messages will appear for a very brief period of time. Some of the messages include:

    • Clearing SpringBoard Cache
    • Setting up Cydia packages
    • Setting up Cydia
    • Setting up fstab and AFC2
    • Rebooting

    In a blink of an eye these memos will appear and disappear. After these messages appear for you, your device will go through yet another reboot. The last reboot! After this final reboot you will receive another set of messages:

    • Cleaning up!
    • Patching kernel
    • Finding offsets
    • Initializing offsets
    • Done! Continuing reboot

    You will be then directed to your lock screen after all this is done. That shows you that the complete jailbreak progress is completed.

    1. This is the final and last step is to unlock your iPhone and swivel to the second page of your home screen then open Cydia. After clicking on the app immediately Cydia will start loading its stock of apps. That will take about 1-2 minutes.
      How To Jailbreak Your iOS6 by Evasi0n (Mac Users)

    Once again you will be headed to your lock screen for the last time. Put in your password again and proceed with opening Cydia and selecting your user type.

    Congratulations your iOS 6 gadget is finally jailbroken and you are free to gain access to any app you like.
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