how to install 4.4 kitkat on galaxy note 3?

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    <strong>how to install 4.4 kitkat on galaxy note 3?</strong>
    I am my samsung galaxy note 3 is running Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean) .I have heard it is <strong>upgradable to v4.4.2 (KitKat)</strong>
    How do i upgrade my galaxy note 3? to kitkat 4.4?
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    Galaxy Note 3 can only

    Galaxy Note 3 can only be update by CyanogenMod 11. <strong>To Install 4.4 kitkat on galaxy note 3 just follow these steps </strong>
    this works also on model number N900A and SMS9005

    Mattew before you install kikkat, backup your phone

    1 Download Download Gapps

    2 Download CM11 ZIP FILE HERE

    3 Save them file on you SD Card or Your internal Memory

    4 turn off your phone and Boot your Note 3 into recovery mode, by pressing volume up+power button + home button

    5 Pefrom WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET -using the volume keys, power button to select

    6 Go to mount and storage, click on forum/system and tap yes

    7 go back,Now you will need to wipe cache partition , select yes and wipe cache

    8 Go to install zip option, if you have save the files : Gapps and the cm11 to your SD card. click choose from external/sd_card if not click choose /sdcard if you saved it on your phone's memory

    9 Look for the file name "" you downloaded and click select it- Install

    10 Final step,Now go back at the same folder and install Gapps

    After Gapps and CM11 is installed successfully, go back and reboot boot system.
    You should have <strong>Kitkat 4.4 Activated On your Galaxy note 3</strong><em>

    <img src="" alt="Kikkat 4.4" />
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    The process requires just four

    The process requires just four steps:

    1. Prep your software : - Access the Settings menu in the S5. Nominate the Security sub-menu, and then make sure Unknown sources setting is ticket.

    2. Download Google Experience (GE) launcher

    3. Install the KitKat-style launcher

    4. Google Experience : There’s not much fuss if you select Always either. Resetting the default launcher is easily done by accessing Settings and then Default applications.

    Enjoy Sift through the stock Google launcher and get to know it. Hold a finger down on the homescreen and you’ll be able to add screens and widgets. you want in the homescreen dock, and enjoy having more applications in the application drawer.
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    how can you get this

    how can you get this update up and running on your device?

    1. You might already have it

    2. Check your phone is compatible

    3. Check the update is ready on your phone

    4. Time to download

    5. Have fun! -

    Welcome to Android 4.4! Enjoy some great new features like Immersion Mode, which takes away the dedicated home buttons when using apps to give your screen more space. There’s also some helpful additions to the Phone and Hangouts apps. Sadly, your device won’t suddenly taste of chocolate.
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    Hi Mattew,

    I believe you're doing

    Hi Mattew,

    I believe you're doing it for the first time and that you're very excited to do this. Here i'm gonna tell you to do this, what seems to be complex, In 10 very simple steps:

    Step 1: You need to download crDroid custom ROM
    which is based on new Android 4.4.2 KitKat and also <a>Google Apps</a> for Galaxy S3 to your computer.

    Step 2: Connect the Galaxy S3 to PC via USB and copy the ROM and Google Apps packages to the root folder of your handset’s SD card without extracting them.

    Step 3: Disconnect the USB and turn your phone off.

    Step 4: By pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together, you'll be able to boot into recovery mode.

    Step 5: In the Recovery Mode, perform a factory reset by selecting “wipe data/factory reset.” Use the Power button to scroll and select options. Now, by selecting “wipe cache partition” perform a cache wipe.

    Step 6: Now wipe the dalvik cache as well. From CWM recovery, go to “Advanced” menu and then select “wipe dalvik cache.”

    Step 7: Then go back to your main screen and select “install zip from sdcard” and then select “choose zip from sdcard.”

    Step 8: Use the Volume keys to toggle again and select the Android 4.4.2 ROM zip file that you earlier copied to the SD card and select it using the Power button.

    Step 9: Repeat the Step 7 and the Step 8 to install Google Apps.

    Step 10: After installation is complete, press the “+++Go back+++” button to go back to the main recovery menu and select “reboot system now.”

    After the entire process, the Galaxy S3 will reboot, which will take about five minutes to complete.
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    you are welcome



    you are welcome

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    Recently i rooted my android

    Recently i rooted my android device but unable to get update .. Is this procedure will work on rooted device too.
    Thanks in advance
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