how to get out recovery mode


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i have a htc one m8 from verizon ( unlocked) now it was working fine until , i decide to upgrade the software using the sync manager , it was taking too long to download so i disconnect the phone and when i started up later, this showing up :
then display the menu .
and a t the botton shows the following:
E:missing bitmap oem_unlock_bg
write host mode success
handle _cota_install: No CW files. Skip cw installation

please help me out .

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This is a new error code on me and I'd say if a full phone reboot doesn't work then HTC technical support might be your best bet.

Is the phone usable and you can get to the setting screen or is it bricked?


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Is it stuck in recovery mode or are you asking how to get into recovery mode? Shut the phone off and turn it on holding down the power and volume down button when turning on the phone. If you're stuck inside Recovery mode and can't get out of it, try doing a hard reboot (Hold down the power button til it reboots the phone) If this doesn't work, HTC support might be your only option. Hope you get your problems sorted.

Just to clarify, this happened after you tried installing the 5.0 update OTA (Over the Air)?