How To Get Most Of Your Facebook Fans To See Your Post

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    As I was testing some strategies and things that worked and didn’t. I have found a really clever way to reach100% organic people with an increasing amount of the people who saw your post.

    Have you ever to share an Article from your website directly to your Facebook Fan Page and not getting the maximum exposure? Well, assuming you have 7000 Fans Likes and only getting 40 people to saw YourWebsite Content You shared is terrible.


    On My Facebook fan page I have 4000 fans but whenever I shared an article directly from my website, I get really little people to see a post. However, there is a simple way around this. Follow these steps on How To GetMost Of Your Facebook Fans to See Your Post.

    How To Get Most Of Your Facebook Fans To See YourPost
    Facebook treats each type of post distinct. Articles, Website content, Photos, and status are reached to a distinctive audience.

    Instead of sharing your Articles directly from your website with the social media share buttons.

    Upload an image and insert the website source URL in description to get most of your Facebook fans to see what you have shared

    >Login to your Facebook admin panel uploads an image related to your topic


    >After you have uploaded an image in the description place the URL of the source. So, so people can follow up.


    Now Look At The Comparison


    5 Facebook Fans Saw a post vs 629 people.

    As You can see doing this method can make a lot of people Facebook’s fans see your post.

    5 Facebook Fans Saw a post vs 629 People.

    You have just read How To Get Most Of Your Facebook Fans to See Your Post
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