How to fix U410 Touch Battery Not charging issue


I notice last night that my brand new Lenovo U410 touch is begin to stop charging the battery when it reaches 59-60% Usage. I got message which appears an the screen as soon as the reaches 59% in the tray is that it is connected but not receiving any charge. when I go to Lenovo Energy Management screen, I reset Battery Gauge and it Start charging again, but it stuck at 99% and never finish , take really long. Today I left the notebook on for one day , it began draining the battery . I connected the power again but it always stops at 59%. what should I do to charge the batery to 100% again? I`ve recently updated to Windows 8.1.


Dear Friends please I need your help. Last night my MACbook battery was working but from today morning its making problem. Some times it start charging and sometimes it shows battery not charging. I turn off it and re-insert battery but same issue.


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Go to Lenovo Energy Management and click on the Battery tab.

When you are on the scrren -click on Maximum Battery Life , make sure it is checked.

Re-installing the Lenovo Energy Management can solve the issue