How to fix sim network unlock pin error

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    <strong>How to fix sim network unlock pin error</strong>


    I recently purchased an unlocked note 4 from someone, actually , i sent my brother to pick the phone up from their home while i was working and he said they unlocked the password while he was there.

    But i have just tried a couple of sims and i get the message " sim network unlock pin"

    I have tried to contact the person but he works away off shore and don't know when he will get back or reply.

    Is there a way to get by this and get my sim working?.......i was planning on rooting the phone anyway.

    Thanks for any replies!
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    Sorry to hear that but

    Sorry to hear that but you will need to get the unlock code because it's locked to a particular network.

    It is easy to find and you can usually tell which network it's locked to because it has bloatware from that network installed.

    Additionally, in the settings on "about phone" tab it should give you some letters at the end of the firmware version which will tell you what network.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I tried that and it appears there were no bloatware installed on it. Maybe it was purchased as a factory unlocked phone?

    I am thinking that maybe the owner has setup a pin by himself?
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    Download the Samsung Info app


    Download the Samsung Info app from Play Store, it should tell you eveything you need to know(root wont unlock network).

    In terms of unlocking you'll need the code. The good news is that some service providers supply them at no fee and some at a fee.

    Should be easy to remove it. GL

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