How to fix overheating while browsing the web?

Discussion in 'Google Nexus' started by Guest, Feb 17, 2015.

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    I am experiencing a weird issue with my Nexus 9 LTE while browsing the web. I am pointing out that the issue is for browsing the web and not while gaming.

    I am usually browsing news websites and tech websites like and reading the great articles. I still don't understand why the tablet is heating that much.

    Can anyone that owns the N9 can confirm this is not happening for them either?
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    Well if you need confirmation,

    Well if you need confirmation, I can confirm it heats up during gaming sessions (long ones, like 3-4 hours). But for browsing the web it usually not heating, only if browsing videos or something with a lot of flash.
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    It’s normal for tablets and

    It’s normal for tablets and phones to get hot while you are gaming, but heating up while web browsing doesn't sound right.

    What browser are you using? If the default one, switch to Chrome Beta, Firefox, or something else.

    Also, make sure that you update your apps when updates become available and look out for an update to Android Lollipop itself.

    Let us know if it still heating up after proceeding with all the steps from above.

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