How to fix NFC not working on payments Nexus 9?

Discussion in 'Google Nexus' started by Guest, Feb 17, 2015.

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    <strong>How to fix NFC not working on payments Nexus 9?</strong>


    I am used in using the NFC for payments and sharing files with other devices but it appears the NFC for my new Nexus 9 is not working all the time and this really boils me off.

    Anyone has found the solution to this?
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    Have you dropped / damaged

    Have you dropped / damaged the tablet in any way? Mine seems to be working just fine on payments and file sharing.
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    I did not damaged the

    I did not damaged the tablet at all, I actually got it 1 week ago from Google, all brand new. Anyone else who has this problem or I am the only "lucky" one?
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    I am familiar with this

    I am familiar with this issue and I recommend to everyone with this problem to gently press on the back cover to clip it properly in place and reattach the NFC antenna. Press below the camera slightly in towards the middle of the back of your Nexus 9 and you should hear a click.

    If this won't fix it, try calling Google and ask for a refund / replacement.
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    Yeah, I had same problem

    Yeah, I had same problem and the nice guys from Google have replaced my Nexus. Now is working like a charm.

    Too bad they have this kind of issues, making a bad image for them..

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