How To Fix Iphone Stuck On Slide For Emergency And Connect To Itunes Screen

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    Before we get started on How to fix iPhone stuck on slide for emergency and connect to iTunes screen,please make sure you have

    Latest Redsn0w

    Phone is connected to computer

    Your Firmware Model, in this tutorial, we will be using 4.1.

    Normally most iPhone is not able to be on the iPad BaseBand, so it gets stuck when your iPhone jailbreaksand the user installs apple iPad Base Band-06.15.00.

    This method works with iPhone 3gs and later

    This Tutorial will solve Problems like:

    iPhone 3gs stuck on the apple logo after jailbreak

    how to fix iPhone emergency call only

    iPhone 3gs stuck on the apple logo after jailbreak.

    How To Fix IPhone Stuck On The Slide For EmergencyAnd Connect To Itunes Screen

    Step 1-Lanuch Redsn0w
    Within redsn0w, navigate to


    >Select ISPW

    >Select the Firmware You downloaded Earlier

    >Select Yes on the Pop Up

    Step 2 – Jail Break IPhone
    on the Main Screen Select


    >Install Cydia

    >Downgrade From Ipad Baseband —06.15.00 to 05.15.00 (Important Step)

    >Put iPhone In DFU Mode –Hold The Power button for 2 sec , while holding the power button ,press the home button simultaneous for 9 secs.Release the power button and keep pressing the home button.

    Wait For the iPhone to successfully boot. If your iPhone has stuck Iphone stuck on slide for emergency andconnects to iTunes screen. It will no longer be the issue after reboot…
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    Do all the steps you show still aply with a currently jailbroken iPod 2nd generation running iOS 4.2.1. It was jailbroken with Whited00r7 also if that's a factor.

    Ps I believe I have this problem because I added a sourse to cydia. After it finnished it wasn't really finished like there were no packages to download, I believe due to trafic, so I deleted it and the iPod kinda just locked itself and I went to unlock it, it just says conect to iTunes I've tried soft resets many times. Another note when it gets rebooted it it shows my wallpaper also I can access a unresponcive Siri (comes with jailbreak)

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