How to fix game crashes on Samsung Galaxy S5 ?



Hello ,

One Week ago , I bought a samsung galaxy S5 and has an error every time I play HD games like Wild Blood , Asphalt 8 ,Total War Battles and etc ..Most of games I want to play are High Definition Games and that's also why I bought a high end smart phone .But now , every games that I want to play are crashing !!Some games Crash immediately as I run it .Some crash while playing (at most I can play for 5 minutes) .I've tried clearing data and cache .Disable and un-install the apps that I don't use .And I re-boot the phone .
I've tried everything I can but do I have to factory reset it ?Can factory reset solve the games crashing on my s5 ?

Please help !!
Thanks a lot in advance .
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The solution is easy, this

The solution is easy, this is what worked for me

Go to settings
> Application
>The name of the game
>Clear Cache
>Clear Data

Also, don't run other things while playing a high intensive game

Turn off all radio, Wifi and GPS

Do a battery dis charge

Take the battery out of the phone

>Press and hold the power button for 3 mins

then insert the battery, turn on the phone
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