How to fix galaxy s i9003 missing IMEI?

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    How to fix missing IMEI Galaxy S3 problem? For over 1 month my IMEI has simply disappeared and I am no longer having signal on the SIM card. I have tried a bunch of software from the internet to rewrite the IMEI code but with no success.

    Anyone knows how I could fix this?
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    I had personally this issue

    I had personally this issue and I fixed it through a re soft with Odin.

    Here is what you should do:

    First, you need ODIN and the ROM for your phone. You can google it as there are plenty of website that have the programs available for download.

    1. Enter recover mode and perform a factory reset + wipe
    2. Enter Download mode (you most not let the phone boot, if it did, repeat step 1)
    3. Flash the soft using ODIN
    4. After step 3 is completed, go to settings and choose to revert to factory settings.
    5. Enter your account and set up the data
    6. Done

    Good luck and let us know if it worked!
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