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    What happens if my phone is stolen

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to ask, if someone will steal my phone and then it will hard reset it or change the firmware or whatever, will I still be able to located it and retrieve it?

    Thank you
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    I am afraid you will

    I am afraid you will not be able to locate it if a hard reset has been performed on the device.
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    Well, what you can do

    Well, what you can do is:

    Enable Password protected lock-screen from settings and I hope all users know how to do it. Now your droid's data is protected securely.

    Install Smart Lockscreen protector app from Playstore and ON the Enable Lockscreen option under Power menu settings.


    Install AutomateIT app from Playstore or spend few bucks on AutomateIT PRO which unlocks all features. This app allows user to enable Data/WIFI/GPS using SMS commands. For devices running android version prior to GingerBread 2.3, GPS can be enabled by any third party apps however devices above GB 2.3, Google has blocked the access hence ROOT permission is required to enable this feature.

    However, It will only protect your phone in case of a normal reset, if somebody manages to completely wipe/ flash a new rom you are done for. Still following the guide heightens the chances you will get your phone back.

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