How To Find / Extract Game Install Registry To A Cd/DvD

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    Finding and extracting the registry of a game can benefit in both ways.its either you want to know how to play a game without installing then you Need the game registry to used on another computer..Without Further Due let’s begin

    1 Getting The Necessary Tools
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    1 Download Registry Finder

    Install and Launch The Registry Finder.

    2.Blank Disc (Optional)

    2 Doing A Query
    It depends on which game you want the Install Registry From. By Any Remarks.It’s the Same case.Well, you can see here I am using Fifa 13 for this presentation .Type The Name Of The Game You Want to Find the Install Directory of and Search. Wait For 20 Seconds For the Query to complete


    3 Extracting The Install Directory Registry
    When The search has completed .Look Under The ValueName Column and Highlight The File Name That says Install Dir.


    Now When The Install Dir is Selected.You Right Click and save it as .Reg


    4 Retrieve And Apply .REG
    If you want to play a game without having to install it , then placing the reg Dir Install file onto the CD/DvD would solve that issue. For example I have 2 computers at home, one of them only have Fifa 13 install. I then want to play Fifa 13 On the another Computer without having to install it on the hard drive. If you just simply burn the Game to the Disc and try to Play it on another Pc. You will receive an error saying that “Unable to start. Please reinstall the game.” You Need The Install Registry For the game to merge into your Registry of you computer.Telling your computer that you already have the game installed on your hard drive without having to install it to your hard drive.

    Create Folder called Registry Within Your Game Directory. As You can See I Create a New Folder inside my Fifa 13 Directory

    [​IMG]And within that folder simply insert the .REG File you saved earlier inside


    5 Burn Game Including The Registry Folder To Disc
    Burn The Game Including the registry folder your created to your blank disc . Ok, I will pretend You Know how to Burn The Game To The Cd. If not, download a Burning Software, Nero for example .

    You will have to Burn Folder To CDIn this case. Select your game Folder and Burn to Cd including your Registry Folder that was already there.Please Note that If you are Using A CD-R, it cannot be rewritten.Get everything you want together and burn it Once.


    6 Merge Registry To Hard Drive
    Finally, when you are done burning the Game to your disc. Test It!. Simply insert the game and before Launching your game, navigate to your Registry Folder Within your Disc. Double click The Install Dir .Reg and Merge it to Your Hard drive.Now you can go ahead and Play Your Game! without seeing this error” Unable to start. Please reinstall the game”

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