How To Embed Infographic Into Wordpress

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    n this article, i will show you the process and method on How to embed Infographic into WordPress .Embedding Infographic into WordPress can be tricky at time,you must have basic knowledge of HTML and WordPress text editor

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    Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly – source Wikipedia

    How To Embed Infographic Into Wordpress
    >Login to you WordPress dashboard and navigate to add post

    >Using the text editor, which can be found at the top right on column

    >Upload your Infographic image to your WordPress, Media > add new

    >How to embed Infographic into WordPress , you must find the URL of the Infographic , navigate to media > select > edit . At the right, you will see the URL of file


    >Copy and paste this code into the text editor

    <a href=”FILE URL HERE”><img title=”FILE TITLE HERE” alt=”FILE ALT TEXT” src=”FILE URL” width=”780″ height=”4144″ border=”0″ /></a>Credit:<a href=”CREDIT URL” target=”_blank”>CREDIT NAME</a> via <strong><a href=”URL OF THE POST”>YOUR WEBSITE NAME</a>

    Once you have included your Url’s into the HTML, click on visual editor again
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