How To Download Instagram Videos On Android?

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    While Instagram does not comes with a feature to download pictures or video directly from their infrastructure. This is a concern by people who wants to download instagram videos. However, Instagram Does not give you a right click option to save video or save Image as a function, due to copyright and distributing issues .However there a a lot of ways inwhich you can download instagram videos on your samsung galaxy s3, samsung galaxy s4 or even Your nexus 5 phone. As long It's an android Phone this method that'll be present to you will work .In this article i will show you a easy and simple way to download instagram Videoson android

    How to download instagram on android
    To download Instagram Videos for free on you Android Phone , please follow the method below :

    >Download Instagram Video Downloader


    >When you downloaded the instagram video downloader from google play. Wait for it to install. After it has successfully install

    >Open The app

    > Go to the Video that you want to download and copy it's URL. You can Copy the URL by clicking the 3 dots at the side of the video , As shown in the picture below


    >An the screen appear to download Instagram videos on your Android Phone , copy the URL .

    If you are not able to Copy the URL, use a Desktop or a laptop and save the URL. Then paste it into the box


    >After you have Copy The share URL video. You are close to download the Instagram video on your Android

    >Navigate to the Instagram Video Downloader

    >Swipe left on the Download Post Tab

    >In the URL Box, Paste The Url in the Box and click download

    That is all you need to download videos on your samsung galaxy s3, samsung galaxy s4 or your samsung galaxy s5
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    I found easy way to download Insta and Vine Video. Just paste link via: InstaDownloader. cf
    Step 1: Copy your video link from Instagram
    Step 2: Paste this link to Downloadbox

    Step 3: Get it by Right mouse click > Save Video As.

    Done !
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    Mar 11, 2017
    There are more app now one can use to download Instagram videos or web tools.. Initially I do use dredown on web to download my videos until I found out about instasaver.

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