How to charge a tablet while having an internet stick plugged into the USB port?

Discussion in 'Windows Tablets' started by junior, Apr 7, 2015.

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    My problem is that the Tablet is charging through the micro USB socket. And the battery size is extremely little to none at all, I am in a bad situation such as: I’m in the car and I want to use the Internet through cable in OTG from a internet stick (which takes the power from the Tablet), I can’t charge my tablet at the same time I am using the internet stick. Initially I thought that it is enough to buy a USB HUB and stick 5V on the plus and minus of the USB connector. Do you think there is any solution for this?
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    Feb 9, 2015
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    You can use a HUB with a separate power supply.

    I use such a HUB for my external HDD , the tablet does not output enough power to operate the hardware . However, if you are skilled you can build a custom one:

    First, make sure you have a charger that can deliver 2A . Secondly , integratele load used in tablets to make a ” detection ” type of charger and depending on this, lay down the rules for loading . If he does not “see ” a high power charger ( for example , between D and D + short making the USB un-usable ) will limit the 100-500mA load , which is not enough power to charge the tablet , 3G modem to keep fed and you can do and tablet browsing .

    But if this sounds to much of a hasle, the simple and elegant solution is to use a WiFi router that supports 3G stick.
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    this is exactly what i did and it worked.
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    A multi expansion splitter will give you more USBs than you know what to do with! Try using one of them (they are not expensive, I got mine for £4 from eBay. It will give you the USBs you need to charge everything.
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    I agree with everyone else. If you would like to charge your tablet while the micro usb is being used, you will have to buy yourself a splitter. They're not too expensive, you can buy them cheap.

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