How To Change Your ITunes Store Location (For IPad Users)?

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    People have their own reasons to why they need to change their iTunes location. Many possibilities come to mind but I will leave the thinking to those who are reading. Today I will discuss how you can change your iTunes location from your iPad. The steps and directions are fail-safe and nothing will happen to your Apple device afterwards. They also are implemented with various pictures to make the entire thing easier for you.


    First of all you can start with going to your ‘Settings’ on your iPad and click on the ‘iTunes & App Stores’ section. It will be there on your left in a grey sidebar.

    Then a page as below will open up to you.


    As you can see there is an entry labeled “Apple ID”. Tap on it and you will be presented with a small dialog box as follows.


    From the 4 options that will be presented to you click on the very first that reads “View Apple ID”. Then you will have to type in your password. Make sure to make no mistakes and you will be directed to an “Account Settings” tab.


    As you can see there is a bar called ‘Country/Region’. As easy as that you can tap on it and change it to whatever country you want or need! Viola, all done!

    Although you should take note, if you have an active subscription of ‘iTunes Match’ you are going to have to cancel it or disable it so as you can follow this procedure.

    There is another way of doing the very same ‘Location Changing’ deal by going to your App Store and go to the Featured area. You will see a Quick Links sector, tap on it. There you will see the same ‘Apple ID’ section. Follow the same steps as aforementioned and that is it!

    Make sure to share your opinions and voices if anything wrong happens, in the comment section below!
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