How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 Into Safe Mode?

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    Safe mode is one of many useful features available on most Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S7. It allows you to turn on your smartphone or tablet with all third-party apps disabled and default settings. Why is Safe mode so important? Sometimes, one of the third-party apps can cause issues such as overheating, battery drain, slow performance, and many others. How to be sure an app is causing the problem? Simply by booting your device into safe mode in which all the apps you have installed are disabled. If your device is working normally and without any problems, an app is to blame. Let's see how to boot Samsung Galaxy S7 into safe mode.

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    Steps to boot Samsung Galaxy S7 into Safe mode

    Once you boot Samsung Galaxy S7 into Safe mode, the apps you downloaded will be disabled. Use the phone for a while to see if an issue that has been bothering you still occurs. For instance, if you noticed that your device is getting hot without any apparent reason, boot your device into Safe mode and if everything works fine, it means that one of the apps is causing a conflict.

    Follow these steps:

    • Turn off your Galaxy S7
    • Press and hold the Power button
    • Release the Power button when you see "Samsung" on the screen and press and hold the Volume down
    • Keep holding the Volume down key until your device boots
    • Release the Volume down key when you see "Safe mode" bottom-left part of the screen

    Is everything works normally? If yes, one of the apps is creating a conflict. To uninstall third-party apps, do the following:

    • Navigate to Settings > Applications
    • Next, tap Application manager
    • Tap on the app you want to uninstall
    • Tap Uninstall.
    To exit the Safe mode, press and hold the Power button and then tap Restart.

    Source -boot-android-safe-mode - more information
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