How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S4 Into Safe Mode?

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    Entering safe mode on your Samsung galaxy S4 can serve a lot of purposes. Examples : If your Samsung galaxy is experiencing slow charging issues, battery draining fast, camera fail, crashing frequently, moving slow etc. You can actually test and debug these problems. The thing about Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S4 is when you enter it , it temporally disabled all pre-installed apps and services. It is very similar to that of a PC or Mac. It boots your Galaxy S4, with all Applications disabled.

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    How do you know when your Samsung galaxy S4 is in safe mode?
    When you first enter safe mode on your Samsung galaxy S4, there will be a Safe Mode logo at the bottom left of the screen. As soon as your phone booted it will be shown.


    Some of the things that are observed in safe mode on the Samsung galaxy S4 is that your phone actually navigate and function smoother and faster. You will see all of your apps disabled.

    Why Enter Safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S4?
    The reasons vary, but the most common reason is to test and debug. Find a culprit app that is consuming a large sum of your battery, identify if there is an app that is using way too many resources or causing conflict with other apps and services.

    How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S4 Into Safe Mode
    Follow these steps to enter /boot Samsung galaxy S4 into Safe Mode:

    • Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy S4
    • Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S4 - Hold Power button for 3 Seconds
    • While your Samsung Galaxy S4 is booting , constantly press the Menu Key -this is the button left of the home key
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