How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 To PC?

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    Got a Samsung Galaxy S5 recently and want to save the important phone data to a computer as a backup? If the answer is yes continue reading! You might be getting troubles if you lose important data that saved on your phone, such as contacts, photos, and email. The best way to avoid any issues is to backup all the data on your computer. You can use many third party software available today but we recommend MobileTrans, which allows you to backup all the content you have on the Samsung Galaxy S5 quickly. In this article, we will be talking about How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC using MobileTrans.

    Before explaining How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5, we will talk about EFS (Encrypting File System).

    What is EFS?

    EFS is a system directory that contains device's essential information such as its IMEI, wireless device MAC address, baseband version, product code, system ID and NV data. In case the EFS directory is corrupted or lost, your phone or tablet will surely lose its IMEI number and wireless and network connectivity. You might ask how and why does the EFS data on your device might be lost or get corrupted? The answer is pretty simple and the reason might be a daring activity on your part. Sometimes flashing a custom Kernel (as reported by some users) and in most cases installing a custom ROM are responsible for the EFS data loss.

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    How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 To PC

    Step 1: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer (for Windows)
    Install MobileTrans on your computer and launch it. Get to the user interface and connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB cable. Select the "Back up Your Phone" option in the Home Page.

    Step 2: Start to backup Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC
    You're in the Backup panel. You can freely backup your important data to your computer, such as contacts, music, videos, photos, some apps, etc. Just tick the items you want to backup, and click "Start copy" button to begin the Galaxy S4 backup.

    If you want to restore the phone from the saved backup, go to the homepage while your phone is connected to the computer. Then get the "Restore Your Backups " and select a backup file format in the drop down list. After you locate the saved backup file that you want to restore to the phone, click "Start Copy" to transfer the data from the backup file to the phone.
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    The android device data transfer was a long question, i think it's very convenient to use a mobile phone file transfer and backup app to help. Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, just few simple steps to transfer everything from your phone to computer.
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    Coolmuster Android Assistant is such a Samsung data backup tool that enables you to backup Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC . After that, you can manage Samsung photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. on computer directly
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    It is good idea to backup Samsung galaxy to to PC. Therefore, you need a professional android transfer tool: Samsung Backup. This post will explain specifically how this tool help you to backup data from Samsung to computer.

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