How To Backup MYSQL Database In Web Host

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    I got a question from my fellow user , asking How to backup MYSQL Database in his web host[​IMG] . Backing up your database SQL files are the same across all web hosts, IPage, GoDaddy, Bluehost or even HostGator[​IMG].

    Following these steps which are found below can easily and effectively back up your MYSQL database.Changing any values within your MYSQL can tamper with your website.Be very careful when editing your Database.

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    How To Backup MYSQL Database In Web Host
    >Login to your host

    >If your control panel is powered by Vdeck4 then select “MySQL database”


    >For c-panel web hosting like GoDaddy or HostGator, launch your web hosting and click MYSQL


    >When the MYSQL is opened, click your database and select access PHPMYADMIN

    >click on the export tab and select your database, click on SQL and check the box to save as none , (not zip)


    >Press go to backup MYSQL Database in web host[​IMG]
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