How To Add WordPress SideBar Widgets On Page/Post?

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    While WordPress may seems to be a very dynamic platform, you may face some issues when it comes to use different plugins and functions to adhere different preference.In this case, a very common question is found to be distributing on various forum.The question is :How to Add WordPress Sidebar Widgets to Post and place it on pages?

    WordPress does not have a function to add Widgets onto Page .Therefore to add Widgets to Page you need to use a simple and effective plugin that will be presented to you below .

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    How To Add WordPress SideBar Widgets on Page/Post

    To add Widgets to Page on WordPress follow the steps below:

    >Download Widgets On Page

    >Navigate to Add new In WordPress Plugins

    >Upload the the Zip Widgets On Page



    After the Widget on page plugin is uploaded, you need to setup and config it to make it work independently.

    How To Used Widgets On Page
    In your WordPress Dashboard

    Navigate to


    >Widget On Page

    >Create a Widget Name then click save

    After creating your new Widget

    Navigate to



    You will see the new widget you created. There you will add what you want in that widget, drag and drop anything into your widget.

    >After , Click saved

    >Navigate to add new page or new post

    >On the same Widget you create you will see a Short code , something like "[widgets_on_pages id" "]

    >Paste this shortcode on the page or paste

    This How To Add WordPress SideBar Widgets on Page/Post
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