How To Add Attributes And Filters To OpenCart-Assign

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    In this article i will discuss How to Add Attributes and Filters to OpenCart-Assign .

    Adding attributes and then assigning them to products can be really difficult in open cart.

    Follow These Steps And Procedure On How To Add Attributes And Filters To OpenCart

    For every attribute creates in open cart, there need to be a attribute group that make a relationship between them.


    >Navigate to Catalog >Features >Feature Attribute Group

    >Select “Place” and create a new Attribute Group eg “Memory”


    >Navigate to >Catalog >Features>Features

    >Within Features, Place a new Attribute and assign it to the attribute group that you have created

    Now that you have create a Attribute its now time to assign the attribute to your open cart Products

    Navigate to >Catalog>Product

    Click Edit on a product

    >Move over to the Attribute tab

    Within your Attribute Section type the name of your attribute you create earlier,”Not the Attribute Group”


    Place what ever you want within the Text section. As you can see i am filtering a hard drive product, i created size as my attribute group and i just inserted 1tb in the text section therefore: 1tb will be shown visibly to the users

    Click Save Attribute.

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