How much music i can download if i have 2.5GB?


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I want a LG G Flex from T-Moblie and i want to be cheap so i gonna get the plan for 2.5GB of data. But i love music. how much music would i be available to stream or download?


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Your average MP3 is about 7 MB. There are 2560MB in 2.5GB. Since the size of the music files will vary slightly, you can expect to get anywhere from 320-375 songs. Just check up on the amount of data that you have used every couple of days to make sure that you don't go over!


2.5 GB worth. Ok, not EXACTLY 2.5 GB worth. Take into account how much reserve your phone will use for the OS and background instances. But still, you'll have close to your who 2.5


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Well, download wise, you'll only hold as much as your capacity allows. Streaming on the other hand has no limit as that's music served from an outside source.


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You can disable apps/services running in the background so they won't waste your data for no reason. That being said, you're going to be able to download 350-400 songs for 2.5GB. Depends on the kb ratio though.