How much money can 100,000 visitors per month give you with adsense


How much money can 100,000 visitors per month give you with AdSense?
I really want to know how much page views, impression ,time and visitors it takes to get good much from Google AdSense


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Oliver , You can read the full overview of how much earning you can make with adsense . Here

250,000 visitors per day will give you 400$. You will get an avg of 1$ per 1000 Visits

250,000/1000 = 250
Lets say your click through rate is .50% and your cpc is 0.5%
You will get 100$

100$ +250+ =350 per day with 250,000 visitors

100,000 visitors per month will give you



0.0014$ x 100,000 = 140$ per month


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A nice little work out above for you. You can earn good money from adsense but you will need a lot and lot more visitors than your are getting to make huge amounts. That on a side note, Any income is good income, it's better than earning nothing.


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Doesn't the visitors have to be unique hits? You can't have multiple counts from the same IP in the same day.


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Depends on different factors, I know people who get paid even 2 or 3 dollars for 1000 views, so depends pretty much on the contract you have signed with them.


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What are you guys talking about? What contract? I am a YouTube publisher and I have published a few videos that got millions of views, and my recent one got 5 million views. Sometimes you get 1$ per 1000 views, and sometimes you get 20 cents, and the highest I ever got was 8€ RPM on New Year's Eve. The clicks and CPC are what matters. If you have a high CPC (cost per click) and a low amount of clicks, you won't earn much, and same goes vice versa. If both are high, then you're earning a lot. For example, instead of earning 5000$ for 5 million views, I have earned a bit less than 3000$. Sometimes the ads on your videos are bad and don't pay much, and sometimes they pay a lot but nobody clicks on them. It can never be guaranteed how much you're going to earn per month. The only people who can have a guaranteed high income from that are YouTube stars like PewDiePie and such.


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Honestly, it is really difficult to earn money through Google AdSense unless your website is pretty popular in the cyber world. You should put all your effort and time into running your website so as to gain profit from it.