How much can I get for a 2nd Gen Ipad?


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I was wondering what I should set my asking price on Ebay for my 2nd generation Ipad. What's the most you think it should go fair, and what would be a fair price in your opinion? The tablet is in "good condition" a few small scratches on the screen, but other than that it isn't very worn.

Diane Lane

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Do an advanced search on eBay (usually at the top right), and click the boxes for Sold Listings, entering Apple iPad Gen 2, and see the amounts they have sold for...take into consideration the condition of the devices that have sold, so look through the ones that interest you, to see if the quality matches yours, then you will have a range of prices to choose from for your starting point. Also take into consideration the feedback ratio/reputation of the sellers, because someone with 100% feedback can command a higher price than someone with lower feedback, since that reputation equates with trustworthiness, and people prefer to give their money to people they can trust.


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@Diane Lane gave you a great advice. I might also add that it depends on fast you want to sell your iPad too. If you are crunch for money, you can go for a little less. eBay is pretty good at telling you what is the average price for a particular device.

Also on Amazon, you can check your trade in value depending on the condition of your iPad, you will have an idea of how much you want to set your price at too.


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A quick search reveals that you're going to struggle to get anywhere near $200 for a device, whether it's in perfect condition or not. Even the LTE-enabled versions of the second generation iPad are going for $180 or so, and many of them are available for less than that. If it's a Wifi only version, then you can expect closer to $150, and often lower. It's an aging device that's too many generations behind to still hold a high value among buyers, but $140 to $180 is better than nothing.