How location based WiFi really works ?!


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Someone here, boys ?

Well, how to begin... I know that most android phones you can stop them from connecting to open WiFi..But you know that Z3 has an option on the Stamina page : Location based WiFi- WiFi activated automatically when in range of a saved WiFi network, on your home, or other predefined locations .
I don't understand how this thing works. If that's activated and I've turned WiFi off it doesn't seem to turn WiFi on, and if WiFi is turned on it will connect anyway so ... don`t get it
I've added my WiFi point to the list because the power policy makes no difference.


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I was asking myself same thing. Shouldn`t WIFI turn off when it`s not in range of saved netwoks ?


I see that there are some people with same problem. And, I don`t know why and when, but this wifi crap eats my battery