How is Lumia 920 Performance as compared to new phones ?


I have recently ordered a Nokia Lumia 920 from amazon at a reliable price and was wondering how its performance and features comparable to newer Mobile phones such as the Lumia 635 which I also have.
I am wondering, however, if it's going to be slower than newer mobile phones as it only has a dual core processor and an older GPU. Waiting for response. Thanks


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Even the 920 it's rather old, but still a flagship phone and best in almost all feature VS the 630/635.

The 4 cores CPU of the 630/635 avails to the overall functioning, but with 512MB of RAM few graphic intensive games are not compatible with the mobile phone, the L920 with 1GB or RAM does not have this issue.
About this capacity, have no issue on L920 with several apps and music still has like 18GB usable.

Katherine Jane

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If you're fond of downloading and installing a lot of apps and games to your smartphone, I don't suggest you stick to Lumia 920. While it still supports a wide range of applications, its RAM may not be capable of handling games that require very high quality graphics. But if you're all about smoothness and features, Lumia 920's performance won't let you down. I owned one before and it didn't disappoint, and if I weren't given a new phone as a gift, I would've stuck to Lumia.