How do i Bass Boost my Sound on Note 3 ?


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Helo Guys, i have a Note 3 N9005 and i was wondering how can i have a more powerfull Bass Boost , because comparing to my old Nokia Phone, the Note 3 is not that powerfull when it comes to sound... is there anything i can do ? i have a rooted Note 3, thanks


Now you can do the following :

Use MobileUncle Tools

Engineer Mode > Scroll right to Hardware Testing > Audio > Normal Mode ( now tweak the value from there)

Then Back to LoudSpeaker Mode ( do the same for LoudSpeaker Mode )

Back to Headset Loudspeaker Mode , this is how loud it will be when using headphone... ( tweak the values )

Be carrefully when u doing this and make sure you know which value are the correct one for your taste.