How a iPhone 6 is made?



Yesterday, while at work, I was wondering how a iphone 6 is made? I remember i read an interesting article on Forbes about the previous iphones being manufactured in China and that they want to change the production to a different country.

Did this happen? How a iphone 6 is made?


Thanks for the graph, from that info it seems the iphone 6 is designed in California and manufactured in China and few other countries. Nothing is changed from the previous models.


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How iphone 6 is made? I have the answer right here:

Haha I am joking.

But had a good laugh at this video.
Lol, I actually laughed at this video myself. At first I was like, "Is this true?" Then I read your comment, and I was like oh haha, I guess it isn't true. That was funny, anyway thank you for the laugh.


That is one funny video! But going back to the subject, almost everything is made in China. I know the design and the materials came from the US though.