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    Thank you in advance for the help. This morning I tried to go on the internet but the phone just blacked out for 30 seconds. From then on I didn't have a signal. When calling or send texts my phone said "no mobile network available". Later while on wifi, my facebook account was hacked.

    I don't know if these two events are related. My phone is in fairly good condition. The software can not be updated. I did a hard reset, but the signal still has no connection.

    Also, the imei is not available. Please let me know what I can do, because I already tried changing the network to LTE/CDMA and dialing the *#06#.

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    Well it appeared that someone

    Well it appeared that someone is messing with you. It's clear that someone has reported your phone as stolen. Who you got the phone from?, Contact the person who sold you the phone.

    Some Work Around:

    1 Check IMEI # *#06# , IF it's nulled you will see 0's or nulled

    If this is the case it can be restored back to normally by following these 2 articles :
    A Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network

    B How to Fix Samsung Galaxy unknown baseband version

    In some instances, <b> Mobile Not available on network</b> because of some signal interference or Software issues , I advice to you follow this step :

    >dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer

    >You will be prompt with a testing menu

    >click phone/device information

    >Run ping test

    >The drop down list select : GSM Auto (PRL)

    >Click Turn off radio


    More detail information on this problem read :


    Finally i strongly believe it's an IMEI issue.
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