Great first smartphone?


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I know there are a lot of people now getting their first smartphones. Not even younger people, but people that just grew up with older phones (or without mobile phones at all), and never saw the point of a smartphone. I think the first generation Moto E is a great phone for those people if they're looking at trying out a smartphone, because it's so cheap, yet it can still do most of the things that a high end phone can do.


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As long as you've never owned or used a high-end smartphone before, then the Moto E is the perfect device for newcomers and people looking for a simple phone. It's decent in every way, though battery life could be better. The UI is a little slow because of its low-end processor, but that's to be expected. It will do all of the basics, including talk, text, Internet access, and app usage. More demanding tasks and apps aren't going to fly on the Moto E, though.