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    So i have a galaxy s4 and it was working just fine until it died. For some reason, my phone won't charge anymore. When i plug it into my computer, it detects it but tells me to remove the device because it's taking up too much power to restart it. When i plug it into the wall outlet, it just heats up the charger but nothing goes on with the phone. Does anyone know how to fix it??
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    Paola this sounds very much

    Paola this sounds very much of a hardware problem, if the charger gets hot when plugged into the wall socket, then you defiantly need to change that charger to a original Samsung galaxy charger

    If you cannot get a different charger,try using the USB to charge it via PC.

    Do a Battery dis-charged

    >Remove the battery
    >Hold the Power button and home button for 4 mins
    >Re-insert the battery and charge via USB/ New charger

    It is always advisable to turn off all mobile data connections , such as 4G LITE, 3G, WIFI,BLUETOOTH, while charging.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Charger rated 2A , 5V.
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    For me clearing the System

    For me clearing the System dump , solve the problem. You can read it from this article

    Also Re-calibrating Your Samsung Galaxy battery helps :

    Remove the Battery from your Galaxy S4

    >Plug in original charger into your Galaxy s4 without the battery inserted, VIA PC. Do not connect it by the wall socket .

    > Leave it there plugged in for 30 Mins.

    >After, insert the battery without removing the charger

    >Let the Galaxy charge to 100% around 1 hour

    >When the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger

    >Let your Galaxy S5 drains to 0%(Discharge)
    >Repeat these step twice.
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