Effective Tips On How To Speed Up Slow Running Android Phone

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    The moment we got new Android Smartphone, we are very excited to explore all its features. But, when after a month of used the phone becomes slow, we may just hate it and want to throw it away. Sometimes, we don’t realize that what had happened to our phone is due to our own mistakes. When we are too excited about exploring our new phone, we might have changed important settings. There are also instances that we recklessly download some malicious files and applications from various websites that may affect our phone’s performance. We usually got headaches when we don’t know how to turn our phone back to its normal performance. Well, here are effective tips on how to speed up slow running Android phone:

    Speed Up Slow Running Android Phone
    • Keep Your Android Smartphone Firmware Always Up-To-Date.
    To speed up slow running Android phone You need to install new firmware updates for your Android phone regularly. Installing updates will help fix system bugs and lag problems. Thus, it will help to turn back your phone’s good performance.

    • Reset Your Android Smartphone To Factory Settings.
    Go to your Android phone settings. Tap Backup and reset. When you reset your phone, make sure that you have securely kept your important files. Resetting your phone to factory settings will erase everything you have changed on your phone that includes settings and installed apps.

    • Check Your Android Phone’s Memory Usage.
    Sometimes, having a low memory space is the reason why your phone is so lag. Move your files from your phone memory to your external memory (Micro SD card).

    • Download and install useful applications.
    1. ASTRO File Manager
    2. ES File Explorer File Manager
    3. OI File Manager
    These apps will Speed Up Slow Running Android Phone

    There are several apps available for downloads that greatly help to speed up slow running Android phones such as antivirus, auto task killer, cache cleaner, startup manager and more. Such applications are very useful in maintaining good performance on your phone.

    • Uninstall Old And Unusable Applications.
    by uninstalling Unusable apps, it will Speed Up your Slow Running Android Phone by 30% . You have to uninstall old and unusable apps to maximize your phone memory space. The lesser memory you utilized on your phone, the faster is your phone’s performance.Another trick to speed up your Android Phone and this method applies to Samsung galaxy s3, Samsung galaxy s4, Samsung galaxy s2, nexus, htc and all modern android phones is to end all current running background application .-Holding the Home Button For 4 Sec

    • Reboot your Android phone to effectively apply changes.
    • Root your Android Smartphone.
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    If slowing performance is still unresolved after restarting, rooting your Smartphone is your last option to speed up slow running Android phone. It is easy to do but a risky solution as unsuccessful rooting will cause phone malfunction. Successful rooting of your phone allows you to overclock your phone memory which helps in speeding up performance. Moreover, rooting allows you to remove pre-installed applications on your Android phone. Somehow, it helps you maximize memory space as there are some phones that utilize 6GB on its pre-installed applications. However, you have to be extra careful in deleting of pre-installed applications. You should not delete any system application. It is convenient to download Titanium Backup. It helps in creating a back-up on your apps before deleting which allows you to restore it when you need it back.

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