Echo and strange noises in conversations on Samsung Galaxy Young S5360

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy' started by Guest, Nov 8, 2014.

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    For about two months I am experiencing this problem: at some point during the conversation (whether rang , either call someone ) I hear a voice echo or other person. So far I blamed bad connection or signal , but do not think that is the case , though. Besides echoing sounds kind of "click " before it disappears sometimes hear someone else talking in the background or even music. Usually , side echo lasts no more than 10-20 seconds .

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Young S5360 .

    I would like to know if I should worry or not ( I am think of the classic ' phone listening ' ' , yet I don't want to be paranoid ) and what can I do in this case .
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    You did not mentioned your

    You did not mentioned your network operator :) but I guess it's AT&T cause it happened to me as well and I think they have some problems with the network .
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    Something similar happened to me

    Something similar happened to me as well. I was convinced that they are listening to my conversations :D . But that shit 's done now... Just abstain from conversations that you think it can compromise you and that's it.
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    I put the SIM card

    I put the SIM card in another phone and it seems there's is no problem, very strange thing . s4 mini has echoes , while s1 is working good. It could be a temporary issue from the network as lately the sound got better.

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