Definitely the best-looking Samsung phone ever


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I will buy Galaxy S6. Definitely the best-looking Samsung phone ever. No removable battery but I am gonna try something new and have pre-ordered a 4200mah extended battery case out off mpj already. My only concern is the steep price, so I probably will wait for a couple of weeks until price drop a little. Anyone here is also planning to have a GS6?


I just received my Galaxy S6 today and I can say I am amazed on how cool it looks. The edges are really fun, though I was concerned about the video playback experience being poor, they are actually enhancing the overall feeling.

The only things I don't like it the Snapchat error I am getting, but there is a hotfix on

As for the extended battery case I am sure it is required if you are a heavy media user as me. Else the battery will last for roughly 6 hours. And I agree, the prices are a bit steep at the moment so just wait a couple more weeks.


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I got mine last week. I can't say I am totally satisfied with the overall experience but it surely is an eye candy for everyone. I mean, it really gets the attention when you hold it in your hand.

And indeed, the battery could be better.


I got the S6 but I kinda regret for not getting the iPhone 6 cause I am using the camera a lot and the iPhone can film in 240 FPS which is better than any phone on the market at this time.

Anyone interested in buying my S6? :p


I will buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well. The wireless charging feature got my attention since I am a tech addict.

Going to order the phone next Tuesday.


Mine arrived yesterday and has really done amazing work here. The only downside for me is that it isn't water-resistant.
Indeed. Not sure why they took the step back with the S6. Maybe cause of the many reports of people actually swimming with their phone or something.