Data connection does not work...


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I have a little problem with my S4, android 4.3 . Even if the wi-fi in off, the phone is unable to auto pick up phone data-connection once I`m out from a weak data and hotspot.
Cellular will auto reconnect but not data.
If you can help me with this issue and tell me what can I solve it :D ... Thx


I had same problem after installing custom rom and i solve it with data connection fix, by google. You can try this before any factory reset :)


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You can try a factory reset, or you can check if your settings are properly set up to do with your card, or try turning on Airplane mode while Data connection is off, then restart your computer and turn off Airplane Mode once it has successfully restarted, then turn on the Data connection. If it doesn't work, just try factory reset. If that also doesn't work, it could be a problem with your card or the actual hardware and might need to hand it to a professional for hardware parts replacement. Best of luck.