Common Issues With Android Phones!

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    A lot of us would have faced different problems while using Android on our mobile phones especially when the phone becomes a little old. In this article, we will be talking about How to fix common issues in Android. As our phone gets older and older we face problems like performance getting slow, phone freezing, applications or videos take a long time to open, etc.

    Common Issues in Android & their Fix
    To begin with the common issues in Android :

    Common Issues in Android
    1. Removing Apps
    For removing any unwanted applications from your phone go to


    -> Application Manager

    > Select the application's name

    > Click on Uninstall.

    2. Stopping the Flashing LED
    If you wish to stop LED from flashing when you get a call or when you get any notification go to



    -> Notification Flash and remove check marks from all the options.

    3. Phone shows more space being occupied even though you've consumed less
    You would encounter this issue once you have used your phone for a few months and you would no longer be able to install new apps and even though you have consumed less space your phone shows more. The extra space that your phone shows is because of the storage space being filled with cache memory, apps and also with files that are not removed even after removing their parent applications. For improving this move your apps from phone memory to SD card.

    4. Applications take a lot of time to open up
    This is also one of the very common problems that you would encounter. You need to clear and boost your phone's RAM (Random Access Memory). We would recommend you to download any of the free cleaning software from Google Play store Like Clean Master, they will help you in clearing RAM and also boosting system performance.

    5. How to take screenshots on the phone-
    In most of the new series of phones, you can take a screenshot by placing the side of your palm on the right side of the phone's screen and swiping it across the screen towards the left side. You can also press back or home button twice to capture a screenshot.

    How To Fix Common Issues with Android Phones
    6. How to update Android OS on the phone-
    This will depend on your phone's manufacturer if they have given an option in the phone to upgrade the OS. If yes, once the latest update is released, go to


    -> More

    -> About Device-

    > Software Update.

    If new updates are available it will display and you could download it but it requires a Wifi connection.

    7. How to stop Virus from attacking the Android OS-
    Just like desktops and laptops smartphones are also facing an increasing threat in terms of security. You could install any Antivirus software form Google play store to keep it protected.

    8. How to improve the battery life
    As the battery comes in use on a daily basis due to the wear and tear the life of battery goes down. The best way to manage your battery and boost its performance is by using free applications like Battery Doctor or Easy Battery Saver to use the battery present efficiently.

    These are all the Common Issues in Android
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