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I just read this post from Adity on the blog: Http://

Here are my thought on the best web browsers and the galaxy s5.

<strong>Firefox</strong>- This is the one I use for my PC and it has served me pretty well along the years. It works great on the S5 according to the article above and I’d expect nothing less from the Mozilla project. The article does mention that it’s not the fastest around, but it’s speedy enough for me.

<strong>Chrome</strong>- Chrome is the browser of choice for may technology adept people. It works fine on the galaxy s5 and is quite stable. The performance is about the same as Firefox and better than most of the less known browsers out there.

<strong>Dolphin</strong>- For some weird reason this one does not support copy and paste. I could never use a browser like that but a lot of people seem to like this one anyway. It’s apparently fast, so that’s great I guess.

<strong>Opera</strong>- When you’re looking for speed, go with Opera! Enough said.

<strong>UC</strong>- IF you’re not already established with one of the above browsers you should seriously consider this one. From my tests I’ve noticed that it’s fast, stable and has great performance.

Which browser do you use? After reading that blogpost I’ve been testing different ones and can’t really decide.
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