Can i Run Modern Combat 5 on my S2 ?


hello tech guru's, :p , i would like to know if i can run Modern Combat 5 on my Galaxy S2, i really like the Modern Combat 4 and i would like to play this new version also, sience it is offered for free in PlayStore...


Starting with the demanding graphics that this game has and finishing with the fact that the game has been designed for OctaCore Phones with powerfull Graphics board... like i said, you will run it, but you will face a hard time playing it ... starting with lag and terrible graphics... :(


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I guess you could try it, there's really no hurt in taking a couple of hours to download it through wi-fi. I have no idea of the requirements of the game, but in the past I've ran Modern Combat 3 on my S2 with absolutely no lag, yes, the phone would heat up a lot, but the game ran very smoothly and was actually not bad for a shooter being played on a touchscreen phone. Again, check for yourself ;)