Camera Failed Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5!

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    The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fantastic camera, but it seems that many owners of this Samsung device have experienced errors with their camera app. The error simply described as "Warning: Camera Failed" freezes the camera app on launch and requires a reboot of the phone. Such issues are obviously not expected out of a high-end device and these issues are mostly evident with Verizon as service providers. So in this article, we will be talking about How to Fix Camera Failed issue on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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    How to Fix Camera Failed issue on Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung has admitted to such error messages popping up on user's device. We are discussing some workaround measures that you can try before the issue is completely taken care of by Samsung.


    Method 1
    You can initially try to restart your device. Hold down the Power button and select the Restart option.

    Method 2
    If the above step didn't work for you, clear the cache and data of camera app by going to: Settings > Application manager and select the camera app. Tap on Force stop, Clear cache, and Clear data.

    Method 3
    Try to clear the cache partition. You could do this by the following way:

    • Turn off your phone
    • Hold the Volume up key, the Home button, and the Power button together
    • Release the Power button once the phone starts vibrating, but keep holding the other two buttons. When you see the Android System Recovery screen you can let go. Use Volume down to choose wipe cache partition and press Power to select it, when it’s done, press Power again to Reboot System.

    Method 4
    There is a strong chance that a third-party app could have caused this error. The best way to find this out is to run the phone in Safe Mode. If the camera works fine in safe mode, then the problem is definitely with a third party app. Follow this to run the phone in Safe Mode - Hold the power buttonand when you see the Samsung screen comes up, release the power button and hold the Volume down key to enter into safe mode.


    Once you are confirmed that it is any third party app to create the issue, uninstall all the suspected apps one by one by going to settings.

    Method 5
    If you use a micro SD-card to store your photos, you could try to save them elsewhere and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes the phone might not accept the external memory card.

    Method 6
    Perform a Factory reset to eliminate the Camera failed error on your Galaxy S5 if all other methods fail to solve the issue as this is the last method that solves most of the problems. Don't forget to create a backup first. To perform factory reset, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.

    If the issue still persists, you can contact Samsung and ask them for a replacement.

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