Camera And Gallery App Problems On Galaxy S4.

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    It’s already more than one year that Samsung Galaxy S4 has launched into the market, but still it is one of the best android smart phones. However, we know that not a single smart phone is a problem free, and it’s true for Samsung Galaxy S4 as well.

    Many users have reported about the strange behaviors of Galaxy S4 gallery and camera app. Most of the Galaxy S4 owners find that both or anyone of the apps won’t load up or crash randomly. There are also complaints about the camera app that it refuses to take photos sometimes and the gallery app does not display all the photos.

    However, if you also are facing camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4, then you can read on below to solve them.

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    Potential solutions for camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4

    camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4
    1. To solve camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4, open Settings on your phone, next go to More > Application manager > All and then tap the Gallery or Camera app. Then try to Clear Data and Clear cache. If that didn't solve it, then try to Force stop it.

    2. Try to wipe the cache partition. Turn off your phone and then hold and press the Home, Power and Volume Up buttons together. Release all buttons when the phone vibrates. Recovery screen will now appear. Highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option using Volume Down button and select it using Power key. The phone will restart automatically after wiping it.

    3. The camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4 may be related to MicroSD card corrupt issues. So if you use this card, save the photos on the phone or use Google+ or Dropbox to save them online automatically and remove the MicroSD card from your phone.

    4. You can also install a third-party camera app as some users have found a solution this way.

    5. If the camera app on your Galaxy S4 refuses to load or fail to load, restart your phone. Also make sure that the phone is charged fully. You can also boot your phone to Safe mode to see if any third-party app is causing this problem, then you can find out the culprit and delete the same.

    5. There is a chance of hardware issue as well. So if all these above steps do not solve camera and gallery app problems on Galaxy S4, then take it to service center.

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