Bluetooth Won’t Connect On Htc One M8!

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    How To Fix Bluetooth Won’t Connect On Htc One M8

    Bluetooth connection problem is one of the most common issues, and it occurs on most of the smart phones, especially when you try to pair them with a car. The case is same for Htc One M8 is also, a lot of users of this phone reported that Bluetooth Won’t Connect On Htc One M8. There is nothing to be scared about it if you are a Htc One M8 user and facing this issue. Several ways are there to fix it; here we will discuss some steps that will work for you for sure.

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    Bluetooth Won’t Connect On Htc One M8

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    > First of all,make sure that the firmware in your Htc One M8 and Bluetooth device is up to date.

    > Delete the previous pairings between the Bluetooth device and your phone. To do that, go to Setting > Bluetooth. First delete the pairings and then connect them again.

    > If you are facing problems to send messages, make sure that the Message access option is on going to Settings > Bluetooth > Advanced.

    > When you are naming your Bluetooth device, do not use special characters, it may create some problems. Also make sure that you did not give any crazy name to your device. To check that, go to Settings > Bluetooth and check the Device name.

    These steps should solve the problem of Bluetooth Won’t Connect On Htc One M8.

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