Bluetooth Connection Problem On Moto X

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    Motorola’s Moto X is one of the best-selling smart phones and users are buying this phone because of its huge number of features and functions. As users are using this handset, so many bugs have been found of this smart phone. On the forum, you will see that everyday users are complaining about different problems about their Moto X.

    Bluetooth connection problem on Moto X is one of the most common issues, and many owners of this smart phone have complained that they cannot pair the phone with headset.

    If also you have got a Moto X, then it’s better to know the solution of Bluetooth's connection problem on Moto X so that you can solve it if you face the same problem.

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    Solution to fix Bluetooth connection problem on Moto X

    Bluetooth connection problem on Moto X
    First of allcheck if the Bluetooth device or headset is ok by pairing it with other phones. If they connect successfully, then the headset is not defective. Secondly not all the Bluetooth devices may be supported by the new android smart phones. Now, the Bluetooth devices that are using previous BT versions are no longer compatible with supported versions of new devices.

    However, here are some steps to solve the Bluetooth connection problem on Moto X:

    1. Remove the pairing from your phone and the Bluetooth device (headset) and turn off your headset.

    2. Open Settings on your Moto X.

    3. Under Wireless and Networks, you will find Bluetooth option. Turn the Bluetooth switch to OFF.

    4. Now reboot your phone.

    5. Turn the Bluetooth ON after going back to Settings.

    6. Turn on your headset and let your Moto X to detect it.

    7. Once detected, try to pair them.

    8. If you see that they cannot pair, then check the specs of your headset to see if it is compatible with the BT specs of your Moto X.

    Also try to pair another device with your phone to confirm that it is working. There is a high possibility that they are not compatible as Moto X only supports higher version of BT.
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