Bad signal and lost connection


I'm having problems with Note 4. Internet works fine, it`s fast, well, not fast enough...but very bad signal and constantly looses connection and searches for network for no reason. I checked the apn and no problem there.
Any ideas? I use Internet very much and now it seems that it will be hard to do that.


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When this normally happens the problem usually origin from the modem.

If your internet moves fluently with other devices then the problem might be IP Conflict
This happens when two or more of the devices connected to your modem share the same IP address

Try doing this

1 Disconnect all the devices that is connected to your modem. WIFI AND LAN

2 hold the reset button of your modem for 2 mins. or
login to your ISP Dasboard
and reset

3 Plug out the power supply of the modem and wait for 2 mins

4 Assemble everything

5 Important . Only connect your Note 4. When your note is connected to the internet, then you can connect the others after .

Did not work?

Some other tips to fix Bad signal and lost connection.

  • Change the date and time, by changing to the correct time zone can help to resolve your the poor connection issue