Ayah Bdeir "Obsessed With Solving Problem" Makes Her CEO Of A Company That She Didn't Planned

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    Ayah Bdeir is just an ordinary girl with a desirably passion for solving problem.She didn't have any plans or intention for becoming a CEO or for creating a venture of possibilities for upcoming inventors.Ayah Bdeir is the founder and CEO of LittleBits- a open-source system that's designed interchangeable with hardware infrastructures ,give upcoming inventors the power to create spectacular Gadgets.

    The funny thing about Ayah Bdeir success , it that she didn't plan none of these.All she was interested in was solving complex computer problems.This brought her with the intention to create a path where amateur inventors would utilize a more strong and robust system that could easily turn their ideas to light .Ayah Bdeir open source system,LittleBits was subsequently founded in 2011.

    Ayah Bdeir said:

    I didn’t plan to start a company, she continued , “I just became obsessed with solving a problem.” That problem was how to make electronics accessible for anyone who wants to try building a great gadget

    Ayah Bdeir born 1982
    Ayah Bdeir told yahoo news today that she always have a drive for solving problem and to create a system that would easily and effectively tweak inventors designs and ideas with a more promising outcome.

    Creating new ideas and possibles is what the world needs now and inventors has not only made Ayah Bdier successful in her venture, but also creates a brighter future for anyone with an Idea to become ideal .

    This all happens with the obsessed of solving problem.

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