Android Problems and Google under investigation in EU


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I don't think it will have a huge affect, since most people don't usually worry about these sort of things but if it comes in the news than they may change their views and may decide not to get the androids from Google. The millions for a company like Google, would be small as they could afford it and also they would try and fight the charge but if proved than could be a stain on them for not keeping within the law when trading and doing things which can lead to problems down the road. I don't think it would affect most people as, they won't worry about this and may view it as normal or Google will remain around and not be abondoned


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It's not going to matter for Americans one bit. Google can afford to lose millions on such investigations and lawsuits because it's a multi-billion dollar company. Unfair trade practices in Europe aren't going to have an impact elsewhere because trade practice law varies from country to country and region to region. It's as simple as that, though antitrust investigations that are looming could have a far wider impact.