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    1 A Wide Gap Between Context(Text) and Images

    Make sure the coefficient between your content and image is equally proportional.

    2 Domain Age

    Give your domain some time to grow. At least 6 months

    3 Your Website's niche Competition Is high

    Going into a highly competitive niche, such as insurance ? Think twice before choosing your niche, unless you have a different marketing plan.

    4 Adequate amount of internal and external links

    You need to have internal links pointing to your pages and post, this will help the google spider to crawl your site better and also provides a good user experience.

    5 Domain Name

    Make sure the domain name is not misleading or inappropriate.

    8 Make Sure you have an About , Privacy Policy and Contact Page

    An about page, terms of condition and contact page are important.

    7 All You Want Is Money

    Don't start a website solely because you want money. Have a passion, purpose and vision.

    • You spent little to no time on your website
    • You rush Your website design, content and layout
    • You make a lot of grammar and spelling errors
    • You have no knowledge and passion for what your are writing about
    • You Applied for adsense just after your register your domain
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